Find the basics of domain name and 6 things you should always consider before buying them

Basics of domain name

This guide is for a complete newbie. If you are planning to start a website and want to make money from it, then this is the first step.

If you know any website then obviously you know their domain name. So, choosing a perfect Domain is one of the most important things to build a brand in the future.

If you are worried about the process of buying a domain, then let me tell you, buying a domain is not a big task. You can simply go to any domain registrar such as and buy a domain.

But as a blogger, you should know the basics of domain name, understand how domain actually works and how to choose a suitable domain for your new website.

I have consolidated all the key terminology related to the domain, and till the end of this article, you will be able to choose the right domain for you.

What is the domain name?

I am sure most of you are already know what a domain is. If not, then let me quickly explain it to you.

You are currently reading this article at, and here BloggersKit is a domain name. Same as Facebook, Google is domain names.

So, this is simply an address of your website which people type in their browser to visit it.

A domain name can include alphabets (a-z), numbers (0-9), and hyphen (-) and the length of a domain name cannot be exceeding 63 characters.

What is the need of a domain name?

Probably you may think that why we are discussing this question, The Domain is the identity of a website and it is compulsory.

But this is not the case; the reason for introducing domain name was different.

Let me explain to you

When we access any website, we actually access HTML files developed by website owners. The website owners store these HTML files on a computer.

Now, remember the fact that our ultimate goal is to access this computer.

Now we can access this computer only when we know its IP Address.

As you already know, every computer has an IP address (Internet protocol), which looks like this In this way, every website has an IP address.

Now tell me one thing can you remember these numbers for every website you visit?
Of course Not. So this is the main reason behind introducing the domain names.

Instead of typing IP addresses, we use domain names. that’s so simple!

What is the Name Server (NS) and Domain Name System (DNS)?

NS and DNS are important terms to know if you want to see how a domain name works.

Names Server (NS)

As we already discussed that every domain name is connected to an IP address and instead of using the IP address, we use the domain name.

So now, there should be something which can store an IP address for the domain names. Here the name server (NS) stores this information.

In simple words, if you ask Names Server that what is the IP address for It will reply with this number

Your hosting company provides these Name Servers for free. In my case, the name server is as I am using Siteground hosting.

Domain Name System DNS

DNS also is known as Domain Name System or Domain Name Server is a global network of servers. All name servers (NS) are connected to DNS irrespective of the hosting provider.

Let me make it simple for you; for example, you want to visit But you need an IP address to access this website.

Now you can ask Name Server (NS) to give its IP address, But you don’t know the Names Servers of the website as well.

In this case, you will reach to someone who can give you the Name Server details for this website.

Here comes the DNS who can tell you the names server for this website.

If you are wondering that you even don’t know the DNS, Then let me make it clear for you.

There are only 13 DNS in the world, and one region can only have one DNS. So your computer can easily find it.

How does a domain work?

Now I am assuming that you know what NS and DNS are. Its time to learn how a domain actually works.

Read these 7 steps to know how Domain works.

  1. You typed an address in your browser for example
  2. Your computer then uses DNS to retrieve current Name Servers (NS) for
  3. Name server is retrieved by your computer.
  4. Your computer asks this Name Server for the IP address for
  5. These name servers respond back with the IP address
  6. Your computer sends a request to that IP address to display the web page.
  7. Then Siteground server sends your web browser the requested web page.
How domain works

Understand the different types of domain extension

Domain names are available in many different extensions. The most popular is the .com domain, and I would suggest you to always go with the .com domain extension.

Let’s have a look at three different types of domain extensions.

1. Top-Level Domain (TLD)

These are at the highest level in the DNS structure of the internet. The most popular once are .com, .net, .org.

2. Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

These are country-specific domain names which end with country-code extensions like .us for the united states, .uk for the United Kingdom, .in for the India, etc.

3. Sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD)

Sponsored top-level Domain or sTLD is a category of TLDs that has a sponsor representing a specific community served by the domain extension.

For example, .edu for education-related organizations, .gov for the United States government, .mil for the United States military, and more.

Things to consider before buying a domain

Here are 6 important things you must consider while buying a domain

1. Always buy a dot-com (.com) domain

.com domain extension is most popular on the internet. Study says over 47% of all websites are based on dot-com extension.
There are many advantages of using .com domain over others (.net, .org, .in).

People are more familiar with dot-com and most of them by default type .com in the browser.

It is also proven that the .com extension helps to search higher in the google ranking

If you have already decided the domain name, but .com extension is not available, then you should think about some other name.

If your blog is country-specific, then only go for ccTLD as it will feel more authentic.

2. Choose short and easy to pronounce domain name

Short names are always easy to remember, you should be able to share your domain name while speaking without creating any confusion.

An ideal domain name should be less than 15 characters long.

3. Avoid hyphen and Numeric values

Most of the time, the hyphen (-) is considered as spam, and you should avoid it in any case.

You might be choosing it because the actual Domain is already taken by somebody else but keep it in mind that people can forget to add a hyphen and they will land to other sites.

Also using a number in domain is not a wise decision.

4. Check for trademark infringement

Your domain name should not match with any brand name, even it should not include any brand. 

For example, Facebook is a registered trademark, and you should avoid choosing a domain like

It comes under trademark infringement, and if you still use it, they can take a legal action against you.
You may also be asked to hand over the domain to its brand name.

5. Add the main keyword to your Domain

If you are working on a niche, then you must add the word about your blog.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger, then add fashion in your domain. If you are, photographers then add a photograph to your Domain but keep in mind that it should not be too long.

6. Check for the expired Domain

If someone doesn’t renew their domain registration, then it becomes publicly available, and you can buy it.

Sometimes old Domain can help you in improving your SEO, but at the same time please check the history, it should not be penalized by Google for any reason.

Best place to buy a domain

There are many domain registrars available on the internet. But you should choose your domain registrar carefully and also take advantage of the best offers.

Some of the trusted and popular registrars are

I would recommend you to go with Namecheap as they provide privacy protection for a lifetime. Other registrars will charge 5-7 Dollars every year to protect your privacy.

The cost of Domain ranges from 10 – 15 Dollars per year. If you are planning to build a website, then you also need hosting. Many web hosting companies provide a free domain with a hosting plan.

Bluehost is one of the best hosting provider companies and also provides a free domain with a hosting plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is domain privacy?

    Domain privacy allows you to hide your information details from the public, such as your email, phone number and your address.
    It shows some proxy information instead of actual info.

  2. What is subdomain?

    Subdomain is an additional domain at the start of actual domain. For example, is a subdomain. It adds additional functionality to your website.

  3. Can I buy more than one domain name?

    You can register as many as you want. There are no such restrictions.

  4. Can I buy a domain name for a lifetime?

    No, you can buy a domain for a maximum of 10 years after that you can renew it for another ten years.
    So, as long as you renew the registration, you can use it.

  5. Can I cancel my domain registration?

    Yes, you can cancel your registration. As soon as you cancel the registration, it will become available for others.

  6. Can I sell my domain?

    Yes, you can sell the domain name, but it should be at least 60 days old.
    Buying and selling domain is known as flipping the domain. And this is also a way to earn money online


You learn the complete functionality of a domain and also, how you can choose a perfect domain for your next website.

Initially the people take it very easy but when the time comes to make their website more authoritative they struggle a lot.

Let me know what are the key points you learnt from this article in the comment box. Also if you want to add something, you are most welcome.

I hope all your doubt has cleared now, But still if you have any question just let me know in the comment box.

If you like it, don’t forgot to share.

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