How to Choose a Perfect Name of Niche Blog

One of my friends changed his domain name after nine years of running a successful blog?

I was not surprised though.

However, You must have a question, why did he change the domain name of the blog after nine years?

The reason is obvious.

Finding a good domain name for your blog is not an easy task.

Your domain name is your brand it should be recognizable, straightforward and to the point.

If not oh boy God helps you …

Your domain name is a crucial part of your website, business or brand.
You will have to face a hard time in the future with poor domain name even on SEO part.


Are you searching for a perfect domain name for Niche blog?

Alternatively, Maybe a perfect name for name for your business.

In this post, I will give my best secret tips to find the perfect name for your niche blog(you can use them to see your business also).

I assure you these are 100% working methods I haven’t share with anybody; now I am sharing it with you guys. Excited?

What is a Good Domain Name ?

  • Easy and Relatable - It should be easy to remember e.g
  • Short & Concise - Please Don't  buy ..please... and long domain name like.
  • Brand-Able - Your Domain name should be brandablelike e.g gesture -> Theme related site.
  • Domain name should be Market focus not Niche focus. (e.g If your niche is Keto , you domain name should be related to health, diet not )
  • Easy to Type and Pronounce.


Tip 1 - Use Expired domain names to find Domain name

  • Go to the
  • Click on the Show Filter and enter the name or keyword e.g “automation”, Make sure you change the page to 200 and sort by BL. (backlinks)
  • Note down the names ( If possible go with High BL, DL score).
  • Expired domain are always good to have(as they are already proven domains).
domain name find


Tip 2 - Use to mesh two or more words.

  • Use, It a website which combine the words to create a beautiful list of domain names. 
  • Check there “SEO” based names, These are very good.


Tip 3 - Domain name Ideas from the Domains Just Sold at

  • Navigate to the, Its a domain selling platform.
  • Use this Filter
  • Check out the domain which are just registered again, It can be a good niche idea for the Niche blog domain idea.
  • Note down some names and prepare a list. just sold


Tip 4 - Use Lean domain search Tool

  • Navigate to the

  • It is one of the best website to search a quality domain name as there tag line says.

      “Find a great available domain name for your website in seconds
Lean domain search


Tip 5 - Use the Shopify Business Domain name generator. 

Shopify Business Domain name generator


Tip 6 - Combine the words

  • Lets take the example like, diet and matic, it can be

  • These are now days a popular technique to create the domain names or brand names.


Tip 7 - Use Synonyms find them at

  • Go to the tool and search for the alternates like synonym.


Tip 8 - Use the

  • words are easy to remember and easy to find.
  • Note down at least 3-4 and ask your self or friends to finalize them.


Tip 9 -  Find domain at

  • Another wheel to get the perfect domain name with minimum research.


Tip 10 - Insanely Good method - Using Power words list

Power words list


Tip 11 - Use the has a great list of the domain name suggestions, Use it and note down a list.


Tip 12 - Use Panabee Tool for Domain name


Tip 13 - Get words of char size 4-7 Append to domain name.

  • Use the words from the more word, just append them to the niche and you are good to go.


Tip 14 - Use Expired domain names to find Domain name

To change the aspect of the number box (color, border or shadow) click on the number and select in the breadcrumbs the content box just before the paragraph.


Tip 15 - Use words for glossary words

Suppose you have Keto niche, Then your market for Keto is Health, diet and Google "Health glossary". You will get lots of suggestions


Over to You

Now that you learned all 15 tips to find a perfect domain name for your niche blog, It’s high time you start finding the right domain and establishing million dollar blog.

Take the risk, Find a perfect domain name and start blogging and create your own brand with blog...



"The Scariest moment is always just before you start"

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