10 Tips on How to make WordPress website faster

Why is my WordPress site slow?

This is an exact question that I had in my mind before optimizing my own website with the following tips.

First of all,

There may be multiple reasons why your WordPress website can be slow.

It might be due to already known issues like Non optimize images, unminify CSS, JS, HTML code and other regularly. Like poor website hosting provider, Not using a CDN, too many plugins installed.

Fixing the above issues can really make your WordPress website load fast and SEO friendly.

Top 10 Tips to make your WordPress fast:

  • Tip 1: Use plugins or tools to compress the CSS,js,HTML.

    For example in WordPress use. – wp rocket[1].

  • Tip 2: Use CDN servers like Cloudflare – The Web Performance & Security Company | Cloudflare, MaxCDN extra.

  • Tip 3: Use compresses images in blog e.g for compress use online compression tools like Compress JPEG Images Online. Or plugin like tinypng.

  • Tip 4: Delete unused plugins or themes in WordPress.

  • Tip 5: Use local Google analytics ( instead requested from Google server).

  • Tip 6: Use the LIGHTWEIGHT theme which has a minimum size e.g – Generatepress.

  • Tip 7: Use the Good hosting provider.

  • Tip 8: Make sure Use hosting is on PHP 7

  • Tip 9: Clean your WordPress database regularly. use wp optimize.

  • Tip 10: Use a Caching plugin like wp-rocket, w3 cache.

Bonus: Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks on WordPress blog.

Search engines like fast loading time which comes from a LIGHTWEIGHT theme likeGeneratepress(13kb).

There are few others methods which are discussed in the below article which can help you make your WordPress website fast.


First thing first you need to check the root cause of the WordPress website slowness.
Run your website through the following given URLs and get the Load time and detailed report what they are saying.

Is my WordPress website slow?

Simple Funda by Search engines,
If page load time is less than 2 second you are good to go. But if it is greater than 3…
Oh my good
Search engines will hate you like crazy and will rank very low on the pages or maybe some penalty.

You may be wondering…

What is the Page Load time of Website?

Page load time means that what is the time taken by the webpage to load fully. We can get the time from the following ways mentioned or using tools.

The first tool we are using is – Google PageSpeed:-

Take the website URL https://bloggerskit.com.


Put into the below Tools



In Conclusion,

I hope with the above 10 tips you will able to achieve a fast WordPress website.

Good SEO only works if you have Good Pagespeed Period

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